Control department

We offer:

  • Dimensional protocols (thorough determination of the accuracy class)
  • Measurement statistics according to the measurement frequency defined by you
  • Qualitative data sheets
  • Custom measurements with complete dimensional logs and statistics

Our inspectors are working on a three-shift operation, thereby ensuring continuous control of manufactured parts.

3D Measuring machine:

  • Stroj: WENZEL LH 65 (2017) Scanning head PH 10M, Measuring scan probead SP 25 M
  • Type: Portal
  • Software: Metrosoft QUARTIS R15
  • Axes: X=650mm Y=1200 mm Z=500mm
  • PFTU, MPE (µm) = 1,8
  • E0, MPE (µm) = 1,8 + L/300 (L in mm)
  • E150, MPE (µm) = 1,8 + L/300 (L in mm)
  • R0, MPL (µm) = 1,8
  • MPETHP (µm) = 2,4
  • Calibration equipment: Machine calibration: Annual interval – is carried out by BRT servis s.r.o. according to the standard DIN EN ISO 10360
  • Control measuring centre: fully air-conditioned on  18° – 22°
  • New measurement center put into operation in 2017

Digital altimeters:

Machine: TESA MICRO HITE M600 PLUS (measuring range)
T1=(2+1,5*L) ztx=2,3um zty=3,8um
Machine: electric drive of the axis Z

Machine: TESA HITE M600 (rozsah měření 0-600mm)
Permissible measurement uncertainty: -0,005mm +0,005mm
Machine: full manual